Norbert Kamjunke

20 septiembre, 2016

Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research UFZfotosconferencistas-cil_kamjunke

Dept. River Ecology

Brückstraße 3 a

D-39114 Magdeburg, Germany

Scientific career

Since 2009 Scientist Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research Magdeburg
2001-2008 Assistant professor University of Potsdam, Institute of Biochemistry and Biology, habilitation in Ecology and Limnology
1999-2001 Postdoc Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries Berlin
1994-1998 PhD study Dresden University of Technology
1989-1994 Study Aquatic Biology University of Rostock, Dresden University of Technology

Five keywords

Limnology, plankton ecology, stream biofilms, bacterial production, DOM degradation

Three recent papers

Kamjunke, N., Herzsprung, P., Neu, T. R. (2015): Quality of dissolved organic matter affects planktonic but not biofilm bacterial production in streams. Sci. Total Environ. 506-507: 353-360

Nimptsch, J., Woelfl, S., Osorio, S., Valenzuela, J., Ebersbach, P., von Tuempling, W., Palma, R., Encina, F., Figueroa, D., Kamjunke, N., Graeber, D. (2015) Tracing dissolved organic matter (DOM) from land-based aquaculture systems in North Patagonian streams. Sci. Total Environ. 537: 129-138

Kamjunke, N., Oosterwoud, M.R., Herzsprung, P., Tittel, J. (2016) Bacterial production and their role in the removal of dissolved organic matter from tributaries of drinking water reservoirs. Sci. Total Environ. 548-549: 51-59